10 Free Copywriting Resources to Catapult Revenue (Or Your Money Back)

By Brad Smith

free writing resources

You start with a few formulas, and then you tweak – insert a power word here, take advantage of expanded headlines there. Whatever it’s gonna take to hit chart-topping CTRs.

Results all come down to your ad text at that point. That simple string of characters acts as a catalyst, leaping off the page and into a viewer’s brain to motivate, inspire, scare, or forcibly push them through the formidable couch-bound inertia that keeps people from making any changes at all.

But no one teaches this. There’s no Ad Copywriting 101 in college.

Instead, there are an abundance of free resources online that will teach you everything needed to know to instantly improve your AdWords copy. No formal education or expensive tuition required.

Here are 10 of the best free copywriting resources that you can read right now.

1. Gary Halbert: The Boron Letters

learn how to write for free

The first resource is also the weirdest.

Gary Halbert was like the OG internet infomarketer in his day. And he’s got a rap sheet to prove it.

His ads were excellent. The products in his ads? Not so much.

One thing leads to another (as they usually do) and he winds up in jail. Apparently, though, prison is an excellent productivity hack (no free Wi-Fi).

While there, Gary decided to make the most of his incarceration by writing to his son. You know, passing down his fatherly wisdom and all that.

And thus, The Boron Letters came to be.

It’s not always PC. But it is entertaining. Vastly interesting lessons that range from life to business to copywriting.

See, here’s the trick with this copywriting thing. Don’t watch what people say. Watch what they do: The storytelling. The sentence structure (or lack thereof). The conversational tone.

It’s all there inside The Boron Letters. You’ll get distracted while reading it. You’ll question what the hell you’re wasting your time doing. But then you’ll get to the good stuff. And it’ll all be worth it.

The Boron Letters also appear alongside Gary’s other, similarly personal letters on direct-response copywriting. Here’s one example. They were originally packaged as part of a high-dollar subscription thing (you know, those infomarketing guru’s gotta hype something).

But now it’s available for free for all to read. (Gotta love internet piracy.)

2. CopyHackers: The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting

Many of these resources are going to look like blog posts. (We are shooting for free here, aren’t we?) But in reality they’re so much more.

The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting by the always excellent CopyHackers is a perfect example.

Sure. It’s technically a blog post. But it also clocks in at a 59-minute reading time! So it’s one you’ll want to bookmark, favorite, Someday/Maybe, and come back to reference in the future.

Once again, you can also learn by watching (and not just reading).

Look at that first line:

“Because only rookies write from scratch…”

It’s short and bold. But it also introduces the hook from the get-go. “Rookies”. “Write from Scratch”. Formulas. The entire introduction is a lesson Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community