10 Things I’ve Learned From Being A Digital Marketer

By Sal Partovi

Digital marketers of today are constantly learning and building upon their existing knowledge base to become more effective in their roles–but there’s a lot to learn.

And as quickly as technology changes and new tactics emerge, it can feel daunting to even participate in this world on a day-to-day basis. Keeping up requires constant learning.

However, some lessons are best learned from trial and error. That’s why we gathered some insights from a few seasoned digital marketers to see what they had to say about important lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Learn from their experiences–and keep these lessons in mind as you go about your daily work in digital marketing.

1. “Focus on the message rather than the platform.”

Brittany Berger, Mention

Early in her digital marketing career, Brittany Berger would spend months learning about one specific tactic or platform–but she eventually realized she was just learning the same big-picture engagement strategies over and over again. That’s when she had a lightbulb moment.

“Digital marketers have a tendency to focus so much on the platform over the message that we end up making things a lot harder for ourselves. We spend time so laser-focused on learning one tactic for one platform instead of zooming out a bit to focus more on understanding the overall strategy behind it. But when you start with the message you can easily adapt it for all these different platforms without reinventing the wheel.”

Today, with more than seven years of experience under her belt, she’s come to understand that the message matters more than the medium.

2. “You really cannot predict what will convince people to take action.”

Joanna Wiebe, Airstory & Copyhackers

Wiebe’s extensive work as a conversion copywriter has allowed her to take a deep dive into the world of conversion optimization–and what she’s gleaned from her experience is insightful and a bit surprising. She said:

“You really cannot predict what will convince people to take action. You can make educated guesses/hypotheses based on user research, data, better practices, persuasion principles and the latest academic articles on consumer decision-making…but until you put it out there, you won’t know. Even the best won’t know.”

How did she learn this? In her words: “From losing a thousand tests and winning two thousand.” While Wiebe supports extensive testing, she explained that you simply can’t test everything–and that the reality is: Digital marketers are working from a lot of assumptions. For marketers, this is important to remember. Don’t get so frustrated when constantly trying to improve conversion rates. Keep in mind we’re all working from educated guesses.

3. “Focus on the marketing process more than the solutions themselves.”

Ty Magnin, Appcues

With more than six years of digital marketing experience, Ty Magnin has done his fair share of marketing experiments and tests on everything from blog posts to web pages. From this, he’s learned that failure is far more common than he ever thought.

“It’s been a humbling surprise to realize how often my marketing experiments fail. Whether it be an A/B test Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community