12 Sales Prospecting Methods to Use as Alternatives to Cold Calling

By Josh Slone

Sales Prospecting Methods to Use as Alternatives to Cold Calling

Cold outreach works—when you define and implement it correctly. This post aims to show you the sales prospecting methods that work as alternatives to cold calling!

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone here at LF who thinks it a great idea to pull out a Phoenix phonebook and start at the letter “A”.

That’s silly, but sadly, it’s what most people think of when they hear the term “Cold Calling”.

Not only is that not one of the sales prospecting methods I recommend, but it’s really not much of a method at all.

A (slightly) better routine is to purchase a pre-made list of leads based on minimal criteria and then reps start from the top and pester the names on the list until it dries up.

Another poor outreach strategy at its worst.

There is always an element of the sales process that requires you to build rapport. And if your product is expensive or complicated—it will eventually take a conversation to close.

That said, there shouldn’t be too many times when you are going into a call without the prospect at least knowing something about you. And there should be zero occurrences of you going into a call without all the data you need to succeed.

To help, we’re going to give you a list of sales prospecting methods to use as alternatives to cold calling.

Canned script with predetermined, robotic statements to get around objections make the contact feel like they’re trying to pay their house payment (e.g. via automated telebot). We urge you not to do that, but develop a pipeline of solid lead gen sources (like the ones below).

Some of the methods are quick and don’t take much time, others take a while (at first). All will deliver results. We’ll try to rate each one based on effort and potential result.

Let’s get started.

Note: All of these sales prospecting methods will keep you from calling people who are completely unaware of you, but we will not be sharing the commonly shared “inbound” methods of avoiding outreach. All of our options are things you can do starting today and see fruit from your labor without having to rank for keywords on Google. We love blogging and inbound, but these methods are built to help your team meet quota next month.

Twitter Outreach

Yes, we know B2Bs live and breathe on LinkedIn (it’s on this list). But one of the most undervalued social channels is Twitter.

Not only can you reach out to the right people directly, you can research contacts to find influencers and decision makers before you reach out. It can also be (partially) automated to save time and give you notifications when something worth your time happens.

Tip #1: Use a tool, like SocialOomph (free and paid), to pick keywords and a ridiculous amount of other prompts.

Tip #2: Use the advanced search feature. To find this feature you’ll have to search for something first and then choose advanced search after the results come up. But if you really want to dig in, we recommend that you Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community