12 Sales Team Building Activities that Improve Morale

By Josh Slone

sales team building activities

Sales team building activities can feel counter-productive.

That’s the first thought that can come to both leaders and employees when you mention a scheduled activity to do “team building”.

Even people who love their job will shiver at change. It’s to be expected, especially when you’ve never done anything like it.

If you start doing these things in a culture-building way, the team will catch up. Those who don’t, may not be the type to help you build your company—but that’s not our topic.

Our post today is to help founders and leaders go from doing no activities that build team morale to having a crew that gets as excited as children going on a field trip.

You remember those days, right?

Everyday school was good. But when it was different, you were actually excited.

It didn’t matter if you were going somewhere more “educational”, or just to the zoo. You wanted to be there.

Yes, we want people who love to come to work.

But that doesn’t mean you want an office full of people who wouldn’t enjoy a break from their day-to-day responsibilities.

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Let’s take a look at the things you and your team can do to grow closer, appreciate work more, make the world a better place, and lead to a healthier sales team.

Here we go.

Easy Sales Team Building Activities

You don’t have to try on zip line gear to have a morale boosting sales team building activity in the office.

There are all kinds of things to try that serve as an introduction into the world of team building.

It’s surprisingly easy to set up an environment that will help moods and encourage the crew to interact with one another in a real-life way. In between sales calls or meetings, you can do something that builds others up.

Here are four ideas.

  • Encourage a Water-Cooler

80’s business culture both created and shunned the water-cooler phenomena.

A place where the latest gossip, television, and (eek!) politics were quietly discussed while getting a quick sip of water.

While this can be done in excess, a place for everyone to communicate about things other than projects should be encouraged—even digitally.

This really isn’t difficult. Provide a snack area, a place for conversation and BAM! It’ll happen naturally.

Here at LeadFuze, we use Slack (we know, who doesn’t). Even though most of us are in the office, we added a channel called “#water-cooler” (see screenshot). It’s a place where you can mention things about sports, recent funny news, and just about anything else.

sales team building activities

  • Eat Food

Think about all of the bonding that happens through eating a meal. No, you don’t have to cater lunch in every day.

  • Have you hit a goal, met a deadline? Get some grub delivered.
  • Working late? Order take out.
  • Introducing a new initiative/policy? Make it a nice meal.
  • Haven’t eaten lunch as an office in a while? Do it today.

Pizza, sandwiches, catered meals. It can be as quick or as thoughtful as you’d like. The benefits of eating with associates speak for themselves.

  • Play Games

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