15 – Value Not Stuff

15 – Value Not Stuff

Consultant and speaker Yvonne had an idea for a course. She knew her knowledge was highly valuable, and didn’t want to undersell it. In this week’s case study, find out how she created her product, and the surprising way in which she priced it.

Podcast highlights:

01:17 – Why SMP is doing well
02:20 – Introducing Yvonne
03:00 – The aim: Low volume, high price
03:43 – Building your signature system
05:33 – Bridging problem to promise
07:04 – The 4-step solution
07:31 – Short term or long-term recurring?
09:09 – Yvonne’s pricing perspective
10:17 – When you won’t need a lot of buyers
11:01 – It’s not a rip-off
12:19 – Pricing by value, not stuff
14:28 – Turning fears & frustrations to wants & aspirations
15:11 – How much are you losing if you don’t do this?
16:20 – Concrete examples of the model
19:16 – The takeaways
20:12 – Action steps


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