2 Broke Girls Cancellation By CBS Has Social Media Divided Over Lack Of Resolution For Series

By Shawn Rice

2 Broke Girls was once a staple of CBS in their comedy block but now the show is cancelled. After six seasons, fans will not get the resolution that they may have wanted.

Deadline reports that CBS and Warner Bros. TV, who produced 2 Broke Girls, could not come to an agreement over the financials of the aging series. With negotiations down to the wire, there was talk of potentially shortening Season 7 down to 13-18 episodes, but ultimately a deal couldn’t be made.

Though 2 Broke Girls started off notably strong in its first 2011-2012 season, its viewership did decline, but it was still a decent performer for CBS – and the network’s youngest-skewing comedy. In its sixth season, the restaurant comedy has averaged a 1.9 among adults 18-49 and 7 million total viewers.

Sources say a short 13-episode order been discussed for the series, which had been used on Mondays and Thursdays but ultimately the network’s lack of an ownership proved to be its demise.

Here are some reactions on social media to the show’s cancellation.

WTF @CBS ??? Epic fail! https://t.co/2IZAYtSDWU

— RicanResistance (@RicanInBoston) May 13, 2017

Why are ppl shocked by the #2BrokeGirls cancellation? The show had a bright 1/2 season, gimmick got old, adding Coolidge made it unwatchable

— David Onda (@David_Onda) May 13, 2017


— Dot-Marie Jones (@dotmariejones) May 13, 2017

How are you gonna make a show have 6 seasons, but not give the show a proper ending?! 138 episodes! Premature cancellation! #2BrokeGirls

— Jamie Moriarty (@JamieMoriarty13) May 13, 2017

i didn’t watch 6 seasons of 2 broke girls for the show to be cancelled before max and caroline became 1. a couple 2. rich business women

— winona (@eggsyharts) May 13, 2017

I’ll miss the progressive, modern, not-at-all racially caricatured portrayal of an Asian man on @2BrokeGirls. NOT. #SeeYa #2BrokeGirls

— Simu Liu (@SimuLiu) May 13, 2017

Sometimes the networks just do not get it right. I loved this show and both of these hilarious ladies. #2BrokeGirls https://t.co/k4vYl0uxUV

— Ed Glavin (@EdGlavin) May 13, 2017

“2 Broke Girls” is basically a half hour of sex jokes written by your dad. Kinda bizarre that people are upset that it’s been cancelled.

— Charles Clymer (@cmclymer) May 13, 2017

2 Broke Girls was once described to me as a show where people scream terrible one-liners at each other. Spot on.

— Leith Marshall (@LeithMarshall) May 13, 2017

I didn’t realize it would be the last episode of #2brokegirls when I watched it. They were like my dearest friends. Goodbye😭

— 刘云达 (@percy_liuyd) May 13, 2017

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