25 Creative Photo Contest Ideas You Can Use Today

By Carlo Pacis

25 Creative Photo Contest Ideas You Can Use Today

Photo contests are one of the best ways for businesses to connect with people in their target market. They’re awesome for driving social engagement, increasing brand reach, and generating leads for businesses to market to prospective customers.

In this article, I’ll go over 25 creative ideas you can use for your next photo contest. I’ll cover ways to increase contest engagement, ideas for your prizes, and some awesome ideas for seasonal photo contests.

Let’s get started!

Photo Contest Idea #1: Use a Hashtag

Using a hashtag to run your contest is a great way to link your entries and measure engagement. Using a photo contest app like Wishpond’s allows you to automatically grab photos from platforms like Instagram that are tagged with your chosen photo contest hashtag.

When you’re choosing your hashtag, make sure it’s something unique – you don’t want to choose a hashtag like “#friends” only to have a flood of photos from random people populating your photo contest feed. Hashtags work best when they’re connected to a specific topic or season – something like #WishpondSummer2017 works well.

Photo Contest Idea #2: Share Prompt

One thing we stumbled upon that’s a gold mine for engagement is what we call a “share incentive”. Basically, this asks people who enter your contest to share it once they’ve entered. We find we get the highest engagement in a popup that appears immediately when a participant has entered your contest.

25 Creative Photo Contest Ideas You Can Use Today

Though having share buttons right on your contest page is a great ideas as well, we find a popup is more engaging (it’s a direct ask). The timing of the prompt is optimal – someone who’s already entered your contest is more likely to be open to sharing, increasing the likelihood that they’ll tell their friends and family about it on social media.

Photo Contest Idea #3: Coupon for entering

If your brand doesn’t have a huge reach, it can be hard to get a significant number of people to enter your photo contest, even if you’re spending money running ads to your contest page. Compared to a sweepstakes, photo contests take a bit more investment from the entrant – taking (and sometimes editing) a photo is a lot more time-consuming than entering an email address.

We can help overcome this obstacle by incentivizing entry beyond the prize itself. Mention to contest page visitors that they’ll receive a coupon off their next purchase just for entering, and you’ll see entry rates jump.

Photo Contest Idea #4: Vote contest

One way to help your contest reach as many people as possible is to add a vote component to it. By awarding your prize to the entrant that gets the most votes on your photo contest, you can drastically increase engagement and reach.

25 Creative Photo Contest Ideas You Can Use Today

Why? Well, everyone wants to win – that’s why they’ve entered. To get more votes, they’ll need to inform their family and friends of the contest. This drives brand awareness – and the people who Go to the full article.

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