3 Clever Content Plans to Triple Your Output

By Tom Kuder

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Let’s face it: writing content is hard work and takes a lot of time. That’s true for beginner and veteran marketers alike. So anything you can do to increase your output would really help.

What if I told you that you could triple the amount of content you publish, with only a fraction of extra work?

Content time and effort

Think about how you might write a blog post or other fairly meaty piece for publication. What takes all the time and effort?

  1. You have to think of a topic and compare that topic to the interests (personas) in your target market to make sure there’s a match.
  2. You need to choose and research a keyword or phrase that will be the focus of your article. This will help your content get found in searches by your target audience.
  3. You’ve got to write a catchy title that uses your keyword. This takes a lot of brainstorming, variations, creative writing and thought.
  4. With a winning title in hand, you need to create an outline of your piece.
  5. Research comes next. You need to find facts and stories that help you build credibility and make your article come alive.
  6. Then you write. And write. And rewrite until you have something that’s thorough, interesting, true and compelling.
  7. At this point you look for graphics that will illustrate your work.
  8. Finally, you publish using WordPress or another platform.

Although your own content writing process might vary a bit, there’s no questioning the amount of time and effort it takes to get from a blank page to a published piece.

The secret shortcut to more content

If you’re a sole proprietor, entrepreneur, small business owner or freelancer you probably don’t have a large bench of writers to help you increase your output.

You’re it. So you need a shortcut.

But sorry, the secret isn’t to skip any of the steps above when you create original content; they’re all important.

The secret is to skip steps when you multiply your original article in both form and placement.

Steps one through seven are where the hard work lies. Thinking. Research. Writing.

So if you could create additional content by skipping steps one through seven, and only do step eight (publishing) you’d have something, right?

Here are three ways to do that.

Content plan #1: Reformat and republish

Once your post is written it’s fairly easy to republish it in another form.

One easy way to do this in the B2B world is to publish your post as a LinkedIn Pulse article. You might want to tweak the headline a bit, add a short bio and include a link back to the original article.

You could also reformat the written post into a slideshow and share it on LinkedIn’s SlideShare channel. To do this, summarize the main points as bullets and use your slide application’s graphics tools to tell the same story visually.

A slideshow can also be useful when you present your message in person or on a webinar.

Add motion, sound and images

With a bit more effort you could convert your content into a video or audio script and record yourself Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community