3 Key Challenges Facing the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology In 2017

By Yash Mehta

We have always appreciated the amount of freedom and flexibility that connected devices have brought into our lives. The fact that we are now part of a connected world, consisting of both devices and human beings, is undeniably both fascinating as well as frightening at the same time. A good majority of people around the world conjure connected devices aka the Internet of Things technology with high-tech gadgets, such as fitness wearables, self-driven cars, or Google Glass to say the least. IoT is definitely a great find of mankind, however, what most people do not realize is the fact that these connected gadgets have the potential of becoming a curse for the entire human race over time.

Let us take a quick insight into some of the most common pros and cons of connected gadgets.

Connected Gadgets – The Good and The Bad

Connected gadgets powered by the Internet of Things technology provides us with the ability to get things done from anywhere as well as everywhere. For people who travel a lot, connected gadgets are nothing short of a boon. Connected devices also come with an instant access to information. This includes the ability to find information within a fraction of seconds and that too, from devices that are probably at some other part of the world through remote accessing and browsing.

On the other hand, one of the greatest disadvantages of connected gadgets is their inability to be switched off! Yes, if the first and last thing you do every day is checking your mail or your handheld device, you have lost all of your much-needed and least-appreciated privacy! The Internet of Things technology, when coupled with connected gadgets, wireless communications, and mobile devices, has blurred the boundaries between work, home, and social circles to an unimaginable extent. Another drawback of constantly being connected is the distraction it causes in our professional and personal lives. Be it random notifications or gadget crash reports, it can cause a major breakdown in your concentration.

Now that there are many more advantages and disadvantages of connected devices, let us take a look at the three key challenges that Internet of Things will be facing in 2017.

3 Key Challenges Facing the Internet of Things in 2017

  • Security and Safety

Security is undoubtedly one of the main concerns of the IoT technology and connected devices. The “Internet of Things study by Paul Billygraham Reang” shows security as the biggest boon and at the same time the biggest challenge for the connected world. With millions of devices and gadgets already connected to the internet and billions of more set in motion to join the race, it is needless to say that to protect your connected devices from malware penetrations is a real challenge that needs to be addressed. It is to be noted that with each gadget that gets connected to the internet, there is more risk of the entire business model being attacked. For this purpose, there are several new security standards being suggested Go to the full article.

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