3 key words to describe YOU, at your most fascinating

How do other people describe you?

More to the point – how do they RAVE about you?

I spent the first half of my career writing ads for some of the world’s most loved brands. Defining any brand begins with understanding how it is different than its competition.

That process begins by describing the brand in just one word (usually an adjective). To explain what I mean, let’s take a look at the car industry.

Porsche is fast.
Volvo is safe.
Subaru is practical.

Any strong brand can be summarized by one adjective. Porsche, Volvo, and Subaru have each carved out their own fascinating niche. As a result, they stand out in a cluttered category.

The same is true for YOU.

To stand out, you must know how you add value.

Certain words describe who YOU are, at your best.

These words are usually adjectives, because they describe how you are most likely to perform exceptionally well.

What are YOUR “specialty adjectives?”

These words describe how you are most likely to over-deliver, and how you are best suited to stand out and rise above the crowd.

I want to help you get the credit for what you’re already doing right.

Here’s a cool opportunity to get you started:

I developed a tool to build your personal brand. It’s named Your One-Hour Personal Brand. (If you’re like me, your attention span won’t last much more than an hour!)

In 60 minutes or less, you’ll know exactly how to sell yourself, and your ideas. You’ll see exactly how you’re most likely to make a positive impression, over and over.

It’s normally $97, but during the month of August, it’s just $49.

In my research, I’ve studied YOU – and the words that describe how you add value.

For instance, THE ACE leads with Alert + Power.

At their best, they are:

1. Decisive
2. Tireless
3. Forthright

This is how THE ACE is perceived in the best possible light.

This type of personality is best described with these 3 words. When they speak, they are decisive. Their working process is tireless. And when they’re asked questions, they are forthright.

In my research of over one million professionals, I found that the high performers have a “specialty.” They over-deliver in specific areas.

When you took the Fascination Advantage® assessment, you learned which words describe YOUR specialty.

These words define how you are naturally suited to add value.

Rather than trying to constantly reinvent how you speak and write and work, you can simply use these words as a compass, pointing you in the right direction.

Here’s another example.

THE CONNOISSEUR leads with Prestige + Passion. They are:

1. Insightful
2. Distinguished
3. In-the-know

People will respond most positively to The Connoisseur when they speak and write in ways that are motivating and engaging to others.

What are the 3 adjectives that best describe YOU?

Your adjectives aren’t just words. They help you identify the areas of work in which you can make a big difference– without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed. There’s a clear relationship between your Wellsprings, and your adjectives.

The goal here is to help you shape ALL your communication, so that you can feel relaxed and confident when you communicate.

Once you identify your most valuable traits, you can be rewarded for what you’re already doing right.

You already have extraordinary traits. They’re just waiting to be discovered and brought to the surface. Yet the painful truth is this:

If nobody knows about your top qualities, then you’ll never be rewarded for them.

How to apply your 3 key adjectives? Excellent question.

Start by thinking about the situations when you want to impress and influence your listeners.

(For me, that’s a keynote speech. Or a media interview. Or even the first day of school with my kid’s new teacher.) How about you?

When do you need to play your A game?

A few ideas to apply your 3 key adjectives:

1. Stand out with your marketing materials
2. Introduce yourself in a presentation
3. Give your resume or website a laser-sharp focus
4. Describe yourself in a job interview

Once you know how other people see you at your best, it becomes way easier to sell yourself and your ideas.

I want to make sure you know the words that describe YOU at your best, so you can impress and influence every time. (To find out more, check out the One-Hour Personal Brand while it’s half price during August.)

I’ll be back soon to give you more ways to apply your specialty words.

Once you and I find these words, it’ll be far easier to let these words do the talking for you.

Instead of hesitating, and appearing insecure, you’ll have the “go to” words you need to immediately position yourself.

Now I’m off to meet my kids’ teachers before the first day of school. As a Catalyst, I’ll be energizing, social, and out-of-the-box.🙂


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