3 Tools to Help Transform Content Creation Forever

By Zac Johnson

Content is king. It’s a trusted adage that has been uttered time and time again since the dawn of the Internet, way before the advent of Google, YouTube and Facebook. And while this old adage remains true to this day – perhaps even more important and even more powerful today – the nature of content creation has dramatically changed online.

Plain old text, in and of itself, composed by a recluse in a darkened basement in some unknown town, just isn’t good enough anymore.

Today the Internet is a visual medium, one that is built upon collaboration and social sharing. To this end, it’s more important than ever that you transform the way you approach content creation if you want to reach and engage with both the largest and the most targeted audience ever. How can you cut through the noise?

Slide.ly Promo

You’ve likely noticed that video has very much become the name of the game online, but not everyone has the time, money and resources to dedicate to high-end video equipment to go with high-end video software and exceptional video editing skills. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get the kind of production value usually reserved for top brands.

At least it used to be. Promo by Slide.ly makes it so much easier.

Instead of having to buy all sorts of expensive equipment, invest in complicated shooting days and learn some increasingly complex video editing software, you can produce super high-quality promotional videos with just a few quick clicks of the mouse.

Choose from a huge library of high quality video clips and music, complete with full, lifetime licensing, and splice it together with incredible editing tools for captions and more. The learning curve is practically nonexistent, and you can have a great video ready to upload on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else in a matter of minutes.

The videos produced using Promo won’t have any watermarks, and you can use the videos however you’d like. In addition to millions of premium video clips and premium music, you can naturally customize your video with your own logo and text. The rendering engine is super fast, creating your video in a matter of moments. It’s exported as 720p, perfect for online sharing. To date, the Slidely video creation platform has been used to create over 50 million videos.

After the free trial, pricing with Promo starts as low as $49/month for one video a month. If you think you’ll be using it more than that, you can opt for a $99/month plan for 4 videos, $199/month for 10 videos, or $359/month for 15 videos, the last of which includes white label sharing.

Canva Graphic Design

Have you ever seen fancy infographics on your favorite blog and wish you could produce the same for your own brand and website? Have you ever seen utterly fantastic images shared on Instagram and wondered how those other brands were able to create them? You don’t need to break out Adobe InDesign and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community