4 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Content for Landing Pages

By Anthony Bergs


Landing pages are crucial to the success of your internet marketing and advertising campaigns. The aim of a landing page is to convince users to take some actions on the website. You need to articulate benefits of your offerings in a succinct manner to accomplish this objective.

The copy on landing pages has the power to influence your users’ behavior on the site. For instance, an e-commerce site increased its conversion rate by 93% simply by rewriting the landing page copy. You will find several case studies on the internet where companies have increased their conversion rates by making small tweaks in the call-to-action text.

If you have put a lot of efforts in designing a brilliant landing page and still not getting desired results, it is time to assess your content of the page.

Many companies make following four mistakes while writing copy for the landing page which leads to an abysmally low conversion rate:

Making False Assumptions

Some companies make wrong assumptions about their potential customers. For instance, many marketers believe that people don’t have a lot of time. Thus, nobody reads the long sales pitches. This assumption makes them write short copy for their landing page. While it is true that people don’t have sufficient time, in many cases they invest significant time in searching for the right product or service which meets their requirements.

If you don’t provide enough information about the benefits of your offerings, they will simply move to the next page. Thus, test the length of the content that works best for your landing page before you make an assumption.

Take Inspiration from Companies like Twitter and LinkedIn

It is not wrong to get inspired by innovative and cool companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter. However, many entrepreneurs believe that “Landing pages of Facebook or Twitter does well with 2-3 lines of generic copy, it will also work for their business”. They are familiar brands. So, irrespective of what they write on landing pages, people know what to expect from these sites. Even a small variation in their system create a lot buzz in the media. Therefore, they don’t need to tell a lot about the product or how does it work.

The same may not be true for your business. You need to write a tailor-made content that resonates with your users. Further, you need to test and refine on the content to make it perfect for your users and business.

It ‘s nice to get inspired by these companies’ innovation model rather than landing page content.

Not Investing Enough Time in Writing Headlines

Compelling headlines can increase conversation rate significantly. Many companies have increased their conversion rate by 30% or more by testing headlines. In fact, many users only read the headlines and skim the content before making a decision. Also, if you have the long form of content, the great punch line is a must to ensure that users will scroll down the pages.

The headline need not always be emotional or hard-hitting punch lines. It Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community