5 Emerging Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2017

By Ankush Mahajan

Infographic: Which Social Networks Do Advertisers Rely On? | Statista

Content marketing is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

In 2016, we saw extensive adoption of content based promotion across all industries. In 2017, the practice will continue to thrive even more; especially in small and medium sized businesses.

Content marketing offers better engagement, better conversions, and usually costs less than other forms of marketing. Besides, with a constantly increasing number of ad-blocker software users across the globe, content marketing becomes the only way to get a message through with assurance. So, this year too, brands will need to focus more on content marketing.

The following 5 content marketing trends will help you reap the maximum benefits out of your content marketing strategy in 2017.

Trend #1: Production of more user-friendly content

The number of online users is increasing constantly, so too does content consumption. This has made businesses think that producing more content is the right way to get into limelight through content marketing. In fact, 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to last year. However, that’s only the half solution.

Over the years, Google search algorithms have become better at deciding the relevancy of content. And now search bots are smarter than ever in detecting whether a piece of content is user-friendly or not. Also, relevancy is the prime factor that triggers engagement, which is one of the main reasons why content marketing is done in the first place.

A post shared by Greatist on healthy protein snacks received about 90K shares on Facebook and over 2 million Pinterest shares; all because it was of some value to the target readers. And because of its relevance, now it also appears on the top of search results when you search for ‘protein snack’, ‘healthy protein snack’, and other related terms.

So, when you put efforts into creating more content this year, make it relevant at any cost despite the huge volumes that you plan to produce.

Trend #2: Micro-influencers

Companies have always relied on influencing individuals to increase their brand awareness (hint: celebrity endorsement). However, with the rise of social media in recent years and an increasing number of influencing individuals on these platforms, today, influencer marketing has grabbed the top position in the checklist of marketers.

According to MuseFind, 92% of customers trust influencers more than advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

Consequently, at present, influencer marketing is going through a great upsurge, wherein brands are approaching experts to endorse/review/promote their product on their blog, social media accounts, and other online channels.

In recent time, there have been many campaigns that prove how beneficial influencer marketing can be for a brand; however, the lesson 2016 has taught us is that influencer marketing revolves around trust, and a bigger following doesn’t always bring the better results.

As a result, brands are focusing more on the authenticity of the social influencers, rather than number of followers. According to a New York based fashion store Gigi Go to the full article.

Source:: Juff Bullas Blog