5 Key Tips to Ensure Quality Customer Experience

By Shivam Trika

Everyone is aware of the advantages of having a great customer relationship strategy. Your company can achieve its business goals if its relationship with customers is amicable. However, many entrepreneurs simply ignore how important it is to engage customers. A study has pointed out that 89% of customers did not come back to a company for repeat purchasing after experiencing unfriendly customer service.

According to a report from Bain & Co, if a company does not resolve its customer related problems, it is four times more likely to lose customers to a competitor. Competition is getting tougher by each day for businesses. If your company fails to take right steps to retain customers and does nothing much to win their loyalty, it may lose a substantial market share.

Here, we show you how to build a solid customer base-

1. Give them high-end customer experience

Your company’s products or services are of top quality. That is not enough to attract your target customers. Their experience of interacting with your company matters as much as the quality of your products. You should put in place an effective customer engagement plan to ascertain a timely support. A report from Totango says that more than 80% of customers are ready to spend more on the high-quality customer experience.

So, how does your company reacts after a customer signs up with your website and takes no further action? If you wait for the customer coming back to your site on own will, you may lose a potential customer forever. But if you can at least send an automated email reflecting your last interaction, chances are that the customer will respond. You can also shed some light describing the silent features of your product.

2. Entice them with some value

Before starting your customer-experience plan, understand those values that will attract your customers. If you want to retain your audience, understand your customer experience journey. You will need to build a chain of interactions with your customers. It would be good if your marketing team comes out with some imaginative and innovative ways to make the shopping experience enjoyable. You can create new ways for quick checkout lines for customers and offer them well-curated product selection. Your company can lure them with some attractive deals. Think of innovative ways such as these to engage your customers.

3. Track your customers’ journey

When customers visit your site, they stop on various touch-points. Sometimes, they stop moving further abruptly and disappear. The experienced marketers, therefore, keep an eye on the customers’ behavior. They use technologies to collect real-time feedback and act on it immediately. The point here is to understand your customers’ need in advance by analyzing the data of their behavior on your site.

4. Find customers more in need of your attention

Some of your customers may be experiencing problems while at your site. You should have a system to find out those customers quickly. For example, you can ask your customers to rate your service or product. Those rating it below 5 on Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community