5 Popular eCommerce Trends That Might Be Costing You Conversions


From image carousels to social media logins, trends spread like wildfire in the eCommerce industry.

But, have you ever stopped to question the business implications of following these trends?

‘Everyone has that thing on their website,’ you think, “So it must be working!”

But that logic is flawed. Chances are, the sites you’re copying from are as clueless about the effectiveness of such trends as you are. Break free from the herd mentality.

Next time you come across a new trend, stop and ask:

  • Does this make sense for ‘my’ target audience?
  • Could this improve visitor experience on my site? Why?
  • Are there case studies of competitors or people in a similar market who have A/B tested the technique on their website?

If you are still convinced that it would be a good add-on to your site, test it out on your website to validate your hypothesis.

Let’s Talk About The Trends You May Have Adopted Already…

Okay, now hopefully you’ll not adopt any new eCommerce trend blindly in future — but what about the trends you may have thoughtlessly added to your site in the past? What if they were holding back your conversion rate?

To help you fix these leaks in your conversions, I’ve listed some eCommerce trends …read more

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