5 Things You Are Doing That Restrict Business Growth

By Rick Kranz

Maybe business is good. Maybe it’s bad. Whatever the current state of your business, it can always be better. Despite the best intentions of every business owner or manager, there’s a lot of ways your current approach is restricting the business’s potential for growth.

We get on autopilot, which makes it hard to realize all the little things we do or don’t do that support or restrain growth. If we really want to focus on growth, then we need to develop the positive behaviors that set us for success. This isn’t about implementing any specific strategy or tactic, but building and maintaining the right habits. When we do that, we position ourselves to easily pivot where and when needed to take advantage of opportunity even though we don’t know where that is right now. Here are five bad habits that are holding your business growth back and how to get rid of them with more productive habits.

1. Staying in your comfort zone. When you spend each day focusing only on the day-to-day operations, you’re not even laying the groundwork for future growth. There are too many clichés here. You can’t see the forest for the trees. If you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards. yadda yadda yadda. But they’re true.

Break out of your routine by taking risks. Don’t just wait for the risks to find you. Deliberately find ways to challenge yourself and your preconceptions about where your business should or could go. I put staying in your comfort zone as the first bad habit because the other four bad habits all conspire to keep us in our comfort zone. If you want to leave comfort behind and embrace risk, you need to quit these next behaviors too.

2. Negative thinking. One of the biggest barriers to taking risk is fear of failure. Negative attitudes and thinking tell us all the reasons why making a move won’t pay off. Or worse, we’ll come off as stupid or overreaching. Frankly, almost everybody suffers from imposter syndrome

But the consequences of negative thinking are deeper than just not taking risks or making big moves. Your negative attitude is bringing everyone else around you down too, especially as a leader. Your employees take their cues from you. If you’re constantly squashing your employees’ creativity and enthusiasm, your business will be stuck with 9-to-5’ers who want to do just enough not to screw up. You can’t experience business growth on your own. You need an engaged, proactive team. Turning off negative thinking doesn’t just happen. It takes some work. Look for assistance to find out will work for you to develop a stronger positive attitude.

3. Not reading. I said earlier, don’t wait for the risks and opportunities to come to you. You need to find them. You can only do that by reading a lot. Keeping up with what’s new in technology, social media, and relevant These are your starting points. At a minimum, you have to stay current on the trends and news in Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community