5 Ways CPG Brands Can Engage the Ever-Elusive Millennial

By Meghan Johnson

CPG brands sometimes struggle to reach and engage millennials, a generation that grew up with technology in elementary, middle, and high school and feel very comfortable with multiple devices and the newest digital trends. Millennials rely on digital in their everyday life—from the alarm on their smartphone in the morning, to social media for a fun and healthy dinner recipe. This represents a huge opportunity for CPG brands to reach this crowd. Unfortunately, millennials are bombarded with messaging from brands every day.

So how do CPG brands reach and connect with millennials?

1. Be where they are .

This may seem obvious, but millennials are busy and it’s key that brands catch them at the right time and in the right place. This place, of course, is online. Over the years, millennials have shifted many of their offline actions online: today, 94% of millennial consumers actively bank online, and 54% of millennials’ total shopping purchases are online.

Many brands are already making an investment in digital media to reach this valuable audience. In fact, digital ad spending will surpass TV ad spending in 2017. As more and more budgets shift from traditional media to digital, it’s critical for CPG brands to find ways to stand out. Takeovers and custom sponsorships are an effective way to build a presence for a brand on a site that already reaches the brand’s target audience.

For example, we’ve seen the shift from paper to digital for party planning. The number of parties planned online is expected to grow a rate of 12% each year, and tech-savvy millennials—who value the convenience, savings, and environmentally-friendly aspect associated with online invitations—are a huge part of this growing trend. Punchbowl helps CPG brands reach this audience at the exact moment when millennials have a need for their product. Imagine the power in being able to reach millennials moms when you KNOW that they have a party to plan. With a sponsorship program, you have multiple touch points to cultivate a relationship, provide offers, and convey your brand value proposition.

With millennials, it’s rare to be offline for too long. The time millennials spend participating in online activities and tasks is significant, and this opens many doors for CPG brands to reach this generation.

2. Use nostalgia marketing.

Millennials came of age during a recession, when jobs were difficult to come by and many found themselves stuck with significant college loans. It makes sense then that this generation loves to reminisce about their early years, before they hit a tough job market and had to pay off student debt. CPG brands can tap into this longing for the days of long ago through nostalgia marketing. Brands can align their products with the happy times millennials romanticize about by creating opportunities for them to share their memories of old TV shows, movies, and fashion trends. They can also bring back iconic products from years past like Pepsi did recently.

Last year, Pepsi relaunched Crystal Pepsi, which was a popular beverage for millennials in Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community