7 Important Changes in the World of Digital Marketing

By Greetje den Holder

Digital marketing has been around for quite some time now, but due to progress in technology, it continues to change. It is good to check those changes every now and then. In fact, the digital world is evolving faster than most businesses can adapt. I have recently read two articles regarding changes in digital marketing that I thought would interest you.

In an article of April 16, 2017, Scott Rigby identifies 4 key areas that are essential to the strategies of the most digitally mature companies and lists the best practices tied to these four key areas. Similarly, in an article of March 19, Nadav Olmert identifies 7 significant changes to digital marketing.

Reading about these changes will help you understand where your company stands in terms of digital marketing trends. Will you have to adjust your strategy or are you leading those trends?

4 key areas essential to digital marketing strategies

Every year, Adobe conducts a survey to explore trends and priorities in digital marketing and to understand where the market is headed. As mentioned, Rigby and his team have identified four key areas that are essential to the strategies of the most digitally mature companies: data-driven marketing, customer experience, mobile, and cross-channel marketing. Rigby urges you to keep in mind that no single element is more important than another; each element needs to be in balance with the others to sustain your business’s online success.

1. Data-driven marketing

Use data to gain insights into your customers and turn this knowledge into action. Here are 4 best practices:

  • Use customer data to understand and personalize each individual’s journey
  • Invest in predictive analytics
  • Centralize your data to accelerate insights and for ease of accessibility
  • Integrate external and offline data to enhance your audience segments

2. Customer experience

Create more meaningful experiences and move your organization forward to digital maturity. Here are 4 best practices:

  • Think of every touchpoint as a brand connection
  • Develop content with the customer’s needs in mind
  • Work to develop a rich customer profile
  • Automate the delivery of your personalized content

3. Mobile

Prepare for a mobile-only world. Here are 4 best practices:

  • Make mobile a priority by investing in mobile channels and applications
  • Create dedicated mobile sites and apps
  • Use data to determine the value your mobile channels deliver
  • Use data to understand valuable mobile content and services

4. Cross-channel marketing

Start your organization’s conversation about delivering a consistent message across all channels. Here are 4 best practices:

  • Invest in technologies, processes, and tools for connecting at every point in the customer journey
  • Adapt your message for each channel while ensuring a cohesive story across all channels
  • Integrate your systems and channels to share data as well as content and assets
  • Invest in tools to understand your customer’s journey

7 important changes to digital marketing in 2017

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