7 of the Best, Most Effective Explainer Videos Ever

By Lydia Cockerham

You’ve got a product or service.

Your audience have problems.

You know you can solve those problems — but how do you make the right people aware of your offering and how it can help them?

One increasingly popular way is through an explainer video (or animation).

These are short videos that explain your product or service quickly and succinctly. Hence the name.

They’re ideal for introducing your target audience to your offering and showing them how working with you will make their lives easier. They sit at the top of the marketing funnel but can be used across a range of locations (your site, social media, paid campaigns) to generate awareness, encourage engagement and increase conversions.

Here are some of the best examples of explainer videos and animations we’ve ever seen, along with the key tips you should take away when making your own.

7 Examples of Incredible Explainer Videos & Animations… and the Rules that Make them So Effective

1. Tripcase — Emphasise the Pain Point

The best way to get your audience interested in your product or service is to explain how you’ll solve their problems. That’s why you need to focus on pain points.

All the explainer videos in this post mention the pain points, or most pressing problems, of their audience. But Tripcase is a particularly strong example because it does so repeatedly yet subtly — making the pain point really hurt.

Tripcase’s target audience hate the hassle and chaos of travel. This video represents that pain through a series of flustered travelers rushing past on the travelator, while the Tripcase user remains cool and collected.

Using pain points in your video content like this is an effective way of explaining to your target audience why they need your product or service, on both a practical and emotional level.

2. Mint — Keep it Simple

Like most types of video content, explainer videos are best when short and simple. Your audience is meeting your product or service for the first time, so this isn’t the right place to go in-depth.

Instead, give your viewers a quick overview of what makes your offering different and how it’ll help meet their needs. That’s exactly what Mint does. Their explainer animation doesn’t cover all the specific and powerful things you can do with the service, although it does give a great initial explanation of why you need it in your life.

You’ll have plenty of time later to get into the nitty gritty of extra services, add-ons and subscription types. Explainer videos are all about generating that first spark of interest that will compel your target audience to find out more.

3. Notarize — Be Funny

Why make things boring when you can make them fun? Humour can work wonders for all kinds of marketing — and that applies to explainer videos too.

Notarize took what was probably the most boring thing on earth — notarization — and made it funny, interesting, and very watchable. They realised that nobody would Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community