7 Powerful Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By Annaliese Henwood

How are your email marketing campaigns doing? Are you seeing the results you seek, or could they use improvement? These email marketing campaign upgrades can be just what you need. If you want your email campaigns to bring the best results, use these 7 techniques and their best practices to achieve them.

When you create each of your email campaigns, what are you focusing on? If you’re not paying attention to each of these areas, your emails are not going to reach their best potential. It’s time you create fully optimized emails for your recipients, and this article gives you everything you need to know.

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1) Welcome Emails

Your welcome email is the start of something big: lead nurturing. Unfortunately, many times this is a missed opportunity businesses do not appreciate. When you create an effective welcome email for your new leads, you increase their engagement and loyalty – thus preventing spam reports, inactive subscribers, and unsubscribes.

Important note

Your welcome email needs to go to your new subscribers (leads) right away after they submit their information. Don’t wait a day or even an hour to send a welcome message. The longer you wait, the more likely your lead forgot that they signed up and thus, the more likely they’ll report your email as spam or unsubscribe.

The following elements of a welcome email are all essential. You may choose to prioritize some over the others, and that’s fine. It’s important you create an email that will appeal to your specific audience. The important part to remember though is:

Your audience is the basis for what you include in your email and how you express that information. It is not the time for your own business preferences.

Take advantage of as many of these email elements to create a welcoming experience for your new leads. Make something they will appreciate and use.

Set clear expectations

Your new leads will be wary of what they just signed up for and what it means. You can easily ease their concerns by clearly telling them what to expect from you.

How many emails will you send out each week?

What types of content do you typically include?

It can also help to give your new subscribers a link to customize what types of content they get and how often. For example: if they only want one email a week instead of every day, give them the option to select that. If they only want blog articles instead of event updates, let them choose that preference.

The more freedom you give for your subscribers to customize their emails, the better your campaign results will be. If you keep sending emails they don’t want or are not interested in, you’ll see a decline in positive results and an increase in negative reactions.

Share value

This can come in several forms: blog articles, gated resources, or in-email advice. In your welcome email, you want to offer something of value that your recipients will appreciate and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community