7 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Mario Peshev

Ever since Freelancers Union reported that 53 million Americans are freelancing, the second decade of the 21st century has been marked as the era of entrepreneurship. Freelancing, consulting, starting a business are easier than ever, and a good percentage of the world’s population has been actively involved in running a business on the side or quitting their jobs in order to start the “Next Big Thing”.

Successful entrepreneurs and renowned founders of reputable organizations have been featured in TV shows, online magazines, and various outlets as role models and respectable figures. People around the world are dreaming about working for themselves and starting their own venture, but often hesitant to quit the safety of their full-time job. Often, the reason is the gap between their day-to-day and the habits of successful people, neglecting the oddities that many successful entrepreneurs shine with.

If you believe that entrepreneurs are born under a lucky star, living in the right place, or being a general exception to the rule, here are 7 common unexpected traits that many successful business owners share and turn into their advantage while building a career for themselves.

Endless Curiosity

Watching a TV interview with a multi-millionaire may leave you with the impression that they have been working on the very same thing over and over, merely repeating the same activity with perseverance by adding their secret sauce to the recipe. In fact, almost all entrepreneurs out there are extremely curious, always reading about their surrounding world and various aspects of the business ecosystem.

Running a business entails a large set of activities accompanying the skill that they know the best. They also need to be proficient in sales, understand human psychology and user experience, excel at marketing, figure out the best opportunities given their target market, find out a legal way to innovate and handle accounting on the way. Handling all activities at once depends on extreme curiosity and constantly following dozens of information streams, be it social networks, online magazines, user groups, or brainstorming with fellow entrepreneurs.

Constant Fear

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a healthy amount of paranoia on a daily basis. The tough competition online and the rapidly changing environment don’t allow profitable businesses to stay in their comfort zone for too long. One wrong move may very well lead to a wrong turn, thus changing the course of the profitable revenue curve.

Entrepreneurs tend to be fearful on a regular basis, often mildly obnoxious for their colleagues and peers. Being extra cautious and reading people carefully is essential for building a stable and profitable company. While fear and paranoia are often perceived negatively, extra attention can be quite enlightening for finding new business opportunities and defining a stronger unique selling proposition for one’s business.


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Source:: Business2Community