8 Keys to Connecting With Teens on Social Media

By George Beall

Teenagers represent about $44 billion dollars of purchasing power in the United States and spend about 9 hours a day on social media.

Brands have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend by providing value to the demographic but often approach their marketing efforts in the wrong way.

These 8 keys to connecting with teens on social media can help you make smarter marketing decisions when reaching out to the audience.

1. Know where to look.

All social platforms are not created equal. The popular opinion that teens largely have left Facebook and moved on may not be entirely true. According to one study, more teens use Facebook than any other social media app out there, but rank the app lower than Snapchat and Instagram when comparing how important each platform is to them.

This statistic has implications when it comes to where you should direct the bulk of your marketing effort. Facebook is great if you’re looking for width in your marketing strategy, but depth is the way to go if you want to connect with this demographic, and Snapchat and Instagram are where you should be focusing to achieve it.

2. Personalized and short content.

Personalized content is a key for connecting with the vast majority of audiences over social media, but for connecting with teens it is essential to your success.

Teens, in particular, are going to be more receptive to your text posts that are short in length with separate blocks of paragraphs or in list format. Attention spans are about 8 seconds on average for adults and even shorter for teens, so make sure your content is bite-sized and interesting enough to get them to stop scrolling and engage with it.

3. Stay aware of new platforms and features.

The majority of social media is crowded with brands that are all competing to get your audience’s attention in one way or another and that makes it very difficult for you win that competition. One way to increase the odds of your content getting seen is to stay on the lookout new features and platforms and be one of the first responders to provide value to your audience through those channels.

Music.ly, Periscope, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Spectacles are examples of relatively new channels to the social media scene and offer brands a chance to connect early on with the teens that are using them before the competition really floods the space.

4. Make content highly shareable.

Teens and adults use social media, and the internet in general, very differently. Teens use social media to communicate with their networks and are less likely to spend time on the homepages of the brands that share marketing content than adults.

For teenagers, social media is a way to express themselves and share interesting messages with their friends, so producing content that aims to be anything other than sharable isn’t going to get the best results.

Your 30-second, 3rd-person, how-to video is going to be shared far less than a 20-second, top-view how-to video about the same thing. Making Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community