9 Creative Techniques to Get Links to Your Website for More Traffic and Authority

By Soumya Nair

With the frequent modifications happening in different search engine algorithms today, off-site SEO is going to be more competitive and harder in the future. Together with the emergence of these developments in search algorithms and their deployment, behaviors of search users will tend to develop and change too, making online marketing landscape all the more competitive, particularly when it comes to link building. Link building plays a crucial role in boosting your website’s ranking in SERPs. While obtaining top quality backlinks to your website is of great importance, the job is easier said than done. In this post, we’ve jotted down 11 innovative techniques that you can use to obtain high-quality backlinks to your website.

Check Your Brand Mentions

This is a fairly useful link building technique that you can implement if your business is a renowned name in the industry, or your website has got some amount of popularity in its niche. This advanced SEO strategy helps you to obtain lots of top quality links, thus making your website rank better in SERPs. The fundamental goal of executing this technique is to identify unlinked mentions of your website, your brand name, your name on the web and converting them into links. With the help of tools like Google Search, Google Alerts, Ahrefs Alerts etc, you can implement this method. First, you need to set up a browser or email notifications to identify whenever your selected keywords (for example, your brand name) are mentioned and when you get a new mention, you would need to check that out.

Give Out Testimonials in Exchange for Links

Another way you can leverage your business’s existing authority or popularity in your niche is by giving out testimonials to other sites in exchange for their links to your website. By executing this method, you can place lots of links of renowned companies and services in the SEO domain such as Advanced Web Rankings and Ahrefs while placing your brand name on their front pages or testimonials pages. Providing testimonials for SEO marketers together with your own link will most likely make them link back to your site.

Get Interviewed on site/podcast

The emergence of podcasting, particularly the interview format, can be extremely beneficial for links and exposure. Simply put, podcasters require a continual supply of guests and in case you’re adept in your field and your opinion adds value to the audience, they would be happy to have you onboard. This can be a highly useful way to obtain citations to your front-page, your most valuable articles and your opt-in content when your links appear in show notes. First, you need to find some top quality sites that are relevant to your field and then go through the pattern of their content, their quality, style, and target audience. If you find a prospective interview opportunity, send them gentle messages or emails to pitch the idea. If you receive a positive response, get prepared for the interview.

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