9 Ways Facebook Creative Hub Will Energize Your Social Ads

By Allen Finn

facebook creative

I say this as someone who writes about digital marketing for money: Reading can only teach you so much about how to make great Facebook ads. Doing is the best way to wrap your head around this stuff.

Unfortunately, making Facebook Creative that simultaneously stands out visually, appeals emotionally, and converts can be tough.

There’s generating a killer concept, deciding which type of ad to use, ensuring it passes the text-checker, setting up targeting, writing copy. By the time you’ve got an ad on your hands, it’s entirely possible your initial audience has aged right out of your target demo.

Fret not, folks: Facebook Creative Hub alleviates some of this difficulty by making it easier to conceptualize and execute exceptional ad creative.

How, you ask?

What Is Facebook Creative Hub?

Facebook Creative Hub is a feature inside Facebook Ads that let you skip right to making creative and shows you the strategies advertisers with exponentially larger budgets are using to succeed. Flatter the hell out of them by adapting and improving upon their ideas!

It’s an incredible resource, a sandbox for advertisers to explore, create, and share. It organizes Facebook’s wealth of ad types into cohesive subsets and provides insanely neat examples of each. Global Ad agencies lean on it for its versatility and for the ability to test a variety of ad formats before ever pushing them live; if it’s good enough for the second coming of Sterling Cooper Draper Price Cutler Gleason Chaough, it’s good enough for me.

Now, by my count there are 9 ways Facebook Creative Hub can help you create better Facebook ads:

  1. Draw inspiration from big brands
  2. Manage mockups
  3. Ensure your image ads will be approved
  4. Explore new ad formats
  5. Unleash the power of Instagram
  6. Hone your mobile advertising strategy
  7. Share ideas with your team
  8. Preview ads in their natural habitat
  9. Manage, edit, and export with ease

Let’s take a closer look at each of the ways Facebook Creative Hub can take your paid social game to the next level.

Facebook Creative Tip #1: Draw Inspiration from Big Brands

When browsing paid social ads starts feeling like a legitimate form of entertainment, you know somebody did a solid job. Bouncing around the Creative Hub, I just wanna give somebody at Facebook a congratulatory hug.

facebook creative hug get inspired

The “Get Inspired” tucked in the top right hand corner of the UI is Facebook Creative Hub’s Stumble button. From there, you can scroll through dozens of examples for every ad type, from Instagram Stories to the always impactful Carousel. From Ben and Jerry’s to Bentley, I’d wager you can find something interesting to look at.

Once you’ve settled on a category to delve into, the page full of ads dynamically changes to accommodate your selection. Click one of the vector graphic smartphones and you’re treated to a close-up paired with a short description.

facebook video creative

While most are written in marketingese, some offer helpful insights into the creative process and research that went into creating the ad you’re viewing.

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Source:: Business2Community