A Hypnotic Language Pattern for Covertly Changing Behaviour

I have been asked a couple of times about a general pattern for covertly installing an idea, behaviour or belief. There are lots of ways of doing this and one of my favourites is using metaphors. That process is fully covered in the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course and you can grasp that fully when you go through that course. So I thought I would give you a simple pattern for this article instead. Here is a pattern for you: You could just link what you want them to do with something that they can imagine that is further in the future and then ask them a question that presupposed the result that you are looking for in the answer to the question. That didn’t sound easy but trust me it is. You will pick it up as you look at a couple of examples. But before we get to those examples you will integrate this better if you have a couple of ideas of how you would use this idea as we go ahead. How will you use this concept? Examples Sales I would love you to buy this products because I think it will save you a lot of …read more

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