A Key Persuasion Principle to Easily Get What You Want


This article will show you an extremely common mistake people make that devalue themselves and ending up with making do rather than getting the things that they want.

New Ways of Getting What You Want?

Recently I have seen a rash of people trying “non-traditional” methods to get jobs. It usually involves a lot of bitching and moaning about how CVs and resumes don’t work and then some sort of PR attempt to land a substandard CV in front of someone with enough power and stupidity to give them a chance at a job.

The most recent one that contacted me was asking for help promoting his website including an appalling CV on my blog, facebook and twitter. I also noticed that he had asked the same of several recruitment companies.

I don’t know how the recruitment agencies treated him. I suspect not to well because they have their own candidates to promote and that is where they make their money. I explained to this chap that I have books and courses about Job Hunting including CV / Resume writing.

I told him that I could not promote him with his CV in the state that it was in because people assume that he is a client of mine and his CV would not be a good advertisement for him or me. I even said to him that if he were to buy my book…

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