A Marketer’s Guide: Attracting High-Quality Sales Leads With Content Marketing

By Will Humphries

Use Content to Maximise the Buying Process

High-quality sales leads. It’s what every marketer wants for their sales team.

Increased use of content marketing as a lead generation tool is a continuing trend in 2017. In fact, many companies aren’t just including content as a strategy; they view it as a driving force in their overall ability to attract and retain the most qualified leads.

To optimise results for your sales organisation, you have to see beyond the goal of attracting a large pool of prospects. Top providers typically realise the greater efficiency that comes with engaging the highest-quality leads that allow for the best possible conversion rates and long-term customer retention.

The following is a comprehensive guide to leveraging quality content to attracting high-quality sales leads for your business.

Why Content Marketing?

Before you dive head-first into strategies for producing powerful lead generation content, you need a better understanding of why content marketing works. The first key point to understand is that content aligns with a greater shift in marketing toward more inbound techniques and away from traditional, interruptive types of communication.

Traditional outbound marketing, usually through media providers, involves dissemination of company or product messages aimed at achieving brand objectives. Inbound marketing, by contrast, is a strategy of attracting prospects to your business and solutions with a mix of high-quality content, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation. Given that you use social media to distribute your content and SEO relies on its production, it is evident why content production is central to a thorough inbound marketing strategy.

As you look at these three components to a content marketing plan, you’ll notice that they also align with trends in buyer habits. In B2B, customers conduct the majority of their research and journey online before ever interacting with a provider. They begin their search through Google or another search engine, with the hope of finding information and resources to address a business problem. SEO-friendly content gets your landing pages in front of prospects as they go through this process. High-quality information and compelling calls-to-action move prospects to the next steps, and toward a purchase, after they click-through search results and land on your site.

The following are some additional critical stats and facts that emphasise the importance of content marketing as a lead generation tool:

  • 55 percent of sales reps stated that “better-quality leads” was their top desire from marketing, more than any other request, including “more leads” (DemandGen Report)
  • B2B companies that blog achieve a 67 percent increase in leads relative to those that don’t (Neil Patel)
  • Content marketing tactics are among those viewed as most effective by marketers: Effectiveness ratings included 65 percent of respondents for case studies, 62 percent for videos, 61 percent for research reports, 60 percent for newsletters, 59 percent for blogs, 58 percent for infographics and 58 percent for online (Content Marketing Institute Survey)

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What Types of Content Work Best for Lead Gen?

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