A NLP Sales Case Study

This article is a case study demonstration of a NLP Sales process. It deconstructs how I sold a sales course to a woman that had a completely negative view on selling and gives you the complete process I use to make dramatic increases in conversions for my sales students. The Situation Quite a few years ago I met a female coach at a networking meeting. She had this really negative attitude to selling. It was a while ago so I don’t remember her exact words but she told me sales was manipulative, pushy and based on conning people into buying things they don’t need. She told me that she never sells. All she does is “tell people about her coaching service”. Pacing Her Current Beliefs It was a good thing she went first when we were talking because I was about to tell her I train coaches to sell their services. When I did tell her what I did I reframed it as helping people like coaches to grow their business. This allowed me to pace her current beliefs, capture her interest and open a loop with the expectation that she would ask how I can help coaches (her). Gaining …read more

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