Accelerated Learning and Hypnotic Language

Molecular Thoughts

This article is about a guy that has caught me out repeatedly embedding commands in my writing. You already know that I use patterns throughout my writing as a demonstration so it may not be that much of a surprise. That said this little tip may well accelerate your learning of any skill dramatically.

The Story So Far

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about how to create Hypnotic Language Patterns. As part of the article I asked people to try out the pattern and to come back and comment on the results that they got.

Some of the comments I got back were stunning. So I thought I would send another email out to my list to point them at the comments. As normal I wrote a multi layered email.

Principles of

One key idea in accelerated learning is that repetition really accelerates skills development. In the Persuasion Skills Black Book I make a big feature of a couple of core patterns and hammer them home repeatedly. This gives me two big possibilities.

The first is by the end of the book the reader has these patterns demonstrated overtly and covertly repeatedly. They also will have an overall sense of familiarity with them, how to set up the conversation and to follow through after they deliver the pattern. People tell me that they very quickly end up using the pattern instinctively without any practice. The reality is they have practiced quite a lot but just outside their conscious awareness.

Key Practice Tip 

Over learning a pattern embeds it into your muscle memory. Spend an hour using your new pattern as many times as possible in a conversation and I will guarantee that you will suddenly find yourself using it instinctively in your normal conversation. The best part of …read more

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