Alcohol Comes to the Internet

In a departure from industry trends, however, the marketer is running the lifestyle site directly rather than relying on a third-party service where its brands go side by side with competitors. The site is technically operated by a vendor called Thirstie, which has been running a third-party alcohol delivery site like Drizly but is now focusing on selling its technology directly to marketers. Thirstie uses an established network of local retailers in an arrangement that it says keeps the three-tier system intact.

The marketer is plugging the lifestyle site with an artsy video made by Droga5 that blends vibrant images such as lush floral arrangements shots of people that are connected in some way. Droga5 seized on consumer trends such as young people’s increasing tendencies to stay in on nights and weekends.

“Consumers can still fire up their phones and have products at their doorsteps, while the brand controls the purchase funnel and the online experience,” says Thirstie CEO and co-founder Devaraj Southworth.

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