An NLP Process for Developing a Creativity Mindset

This article is about a quick little idea designed to develop your creativity. The last article I posted provoked some great responses. Including one that was about how much you can learn from what happens around us. You can read the article and the comments here: NLP in the World of Espionage The comment put me in mind of a mindset I developed when I was still a fresh faced young man going through my engineering degree. Developing a Curiosity Based Mindset At the time I was lucky enough to spend a couple of summers working with a startlingly brilliant Research and Development Director. Typical for the gormless teenager that I was I didn’t realise how much I gained from the man until years later. In my first year at university I managed to get a work experience placement with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural sprayers. The level of science and technology that goes into agricultural spraying is huge and I caught a job working in their Research and Development Department for the Director. He taught me skills that shaped a lot of who I am today. I’m going to call him Mike, mainly because that …read more

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