Apple Balks at Higher Web-Access Fees After $1 Billion Video Bet

Apple Inc., told U.S. regulators it opposes charging higher fees for faster internet access, just weeks after pledging to spend $1 billion making movies and TV shows to stream online.

“Paid fast lanes could replace today’s content-neutral transmission of internet traffic with differential treatment of content based on an online provider’s ability or willingness to pay,” Cynthia Hogan, Apple vice president of public policy, wrote in a Wednesday letter to the Federal Communications Commission. “It could create artificial barriers to entry for new online services, making it harder for tomorrow’s innovations to attract investment and succeed.”

Ajit Pai, appointed by President Donald Trump to head the FCC, is rolling back Obama-era net neutrality rules by lifting bans on blocking web traffic and building “fast lanes” that favor those willing to pay more for faster service.

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