Apple Cuts Iran Apps From Store Due to Sanctions, App Founders Say

On a Saturday in mid-August, Iranian entrepreneur Mehdi Nayebi received an email from Apple’s App Store Review. His application, AloPeyk, a delivery service in Tehran, had been removed.

He wasn’t the only one. About a dozen other Iran-focused apps, including Delion Foods, a meals delivery startup, online store Digikala, Bamilo, an e-commerce marketplace, and ride-hailing app Snapp, were also similarly removed, according to Nayebi, and Delion’s co-founder Mahdi Taghizadeh.

“We got removed from App Store overnight, without any sort of warning,” said Nayebi. “We had just published a new version with enormous improvements. When users woke up the next morning, they saw the app is not available anymore.”

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