Apply Your ICP to Outbound Sales

By Lewis Stowe

closing a deal

You need an ICP for outbound

If you have spent even a little time thinking about what kind of customer you want to sell to, you have probably made an ideal customer profile or ICP. That’s great! ICPs provide a huge insight into who you want to target.

You can learn more about ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and get a template so you can make your own by checking out our article Ideal customer profile: How to make one

But think of your ICP like memorizing times tables in math class. The information is important but abstract. I mean when do you need to know what 13×4 is? On a test? No. You need it when you are in the store trying to figure out how much 4 bottles of table wine at $13 a pop, will cost for your next dinner party.

In the same way, the information you have in your ICP is essential to optimizing your outbound sales process. So how can you take the abstract information in your ICP and practically apply it to a successful outbound sales campaign? There are a few places where your ICP can be useful such as:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying leads
  • Closing sales
  • Providing support and upselling

Basically, your ICP will supercharge every part of the sales funnel. Pretty cool, eh? So how does it all work? Your ICP allows you to choose which customers you want to sell to. I know that sounds a bit worrying to somebody starting out. After all, you are trying to get as much revenue as you can. It would be counter-intuitive to try and limit the scope of the customers you want to attract. In our experience, that is not the case at all. Consider these points:

  • You have a finite number of resources to pursue leads
  • Every minute you spend selling to a dead end is a minute you could spend actually closing a deal
  • Landing a good customer should give you the time and money to focus on improving your business

Does that convince you? Good, let’s get to work.


Let’s first start with the prospecting process. This is where you first start choosing who your customers are. Therefore it naturally lends itself to having a clearly defined ICP. After all, you are looking for customers who match the exact profile you have put together. Let’s think about how prospecting works. Your SDR searches for somebody who might want your product. So how do they know who to search for? That is where your ICP comes in. One of our SDRs Boris described it like this

We look at a company’s website and go down the list. Is the vertical good? Check. Does it have a wide scope? Check. It starts out as a list but after a few months, it just becomes intuition.

The process that Boris described hinges on the ICP. What is true is that you only get so much information from the website. To get more, check out a prospecting tool like ours which allows you to search by exact location, vertical, position, company, Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community