Applying NLP Persuasion Techniques to Article Writing


I have recently been asked by one of my advanced students to explain my article writing strategy. This was particularly in reference to an article and email that was packed with a huge amount of persuasion tactics as demonstration, teaching aid and to motivate the reader. This article will give you my personal step by step process.

NLP Persuasion The Dark Arts

I am in the middle of writing up my notes deconstructing a new Black Book Persuasion Skills Course. In the middle of this I am asked to deconstruct how I write articles and it occurred to me that articles are another form of presentation, that some of the tools and techniques I use for presentations are just as usefully demonstrated with articles and that writing this up for the product would add another layer of value. So I added a whole new section in my Presentation Skills Course. And I felt it was worth sharing some of it here with you.

Before we start, here is the FaceBook comment from my advanced group that started this off.

Rintu, great article! I’m curious to know how you go about structuring your articles (or this article?).

As in:

1) decide outcome for reader.

2) decide “seeded” concepts

3)chose …read more

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