Axe: A Perfect Example Of How To Do Influencer Marketing

By Sahail Ashraf

Axe: A Perfect Example Of How To Do Influencer Marketing

While we have all heard about the mystical salesman who could ‘sell snow to Eskimos’, we probably feel that most marketing and sales are easy. Just jump on those social media platforms, be different, and watch the engagement. For many brands, this is not far from the truth, as long as professional campaigns are the focus. But every now and then you find a brand that has done the seemingly impossible. They’ve used social media to market a product to a group of people that can only be described as ‘reluctant’.

Axe makes all sorts of products but their recent campaign focused on a product range that has always presented the modern man with a mini dilemma. Men have groomed themselves for centuries, but hair is the one preserve that they have (largely) avoided. Axe wanted to address this due to the range they carry, which includes all sorts of fancy hair products for men. A hard sell, right?

Well, yes. But what Axe has done not only shows the rest of the world how to market a potentially difficult product, it also shows how any brand can leverage social media to disrupt the landscape. A number of aspects of the campaign are intriguing, to say the least.


Let’s get perhaps the most important of those aspects out of the way first. The company wanted to give male hair products a cool and fun feel, so they did what any brand would do when faced with this kind of challenge. They went out to find some influencers.

Influencers are (if you don’t already know) people who have influence online. They may have huge Twitter or Facebook accounts, or massive Youtube channels. But the one thing that makes the modern Internet influencer so powerful and so appealing is the fact that they generally come from a place that is not so star-studded. The guys and girls on YouTube, for example, are just people who have built up a career from scratch, a career that has existed entirely online. And with that comes the ‘everyman’ feel that brands such as Axe need to tap into.

Axe had the genius idea of approaching influencers who not only have huge followings, but also happen to have hair that is unique and perhaps worthy of the ‘Axe effect’. And the influencers chosen also have a fun feel to their social media presence, with followers who are intensely loyal. So not only do you have a great number of people behind them, but also a set of influencers who are funny, left of centre and very offbeat.

You might not know who Rudy Mancuso is, but if you check out his ‘Instagroom” (see what they did there?) video you will warm to him pretty quickly. He’s a little zany but he’s well connected (Justin Bieber is a friend) and he has over 4 million followers on Instagram. That’s an influencer who would do great things for any brand. Axe recognised this and snapped him up.

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