Barack Obama Served A Search Warrant at Washington D.C. Residence Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott


Reports that former President Barack Obama was served a search warrant at his Washington D.C. home are false. The Obamas have not been served a warrant—this claim stemmed from a political satire and fake news website.

According to Snopes, the fake claim originated on The Last Line of Defense, a website known for publishing political satire and fake news. The article claimed that the FBI and NSA served a search warrant at the Obama residence in Washington D.C. It continued:

Just after dawn in the quiet Tracy Street neighborhood of Washington, DC, the FBI and NSA served a warrant at the Obama’s post-presidential rental mansion. The house, fortified with 10-foot walls and guard stations for Secret Service officers, serves as Obama’s residence in Washington and allegedly as the headquarters for the deep State Shadow government.

The warrant, which would have had to have been issued by a federal judge for federal agents to be involved, is for the search and seizure of any and all documents, hard drives or correspondence relating to national security not officially presented to the former president during his security briefings.

Essentially, the FBI and NSA are alleging that there are shady dealings going on inside the house that has been the center of controversy since Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Dr. Ben Carson were all seen entering the house for secret meetings, presumably to take down President Trump.

There is no truth to any of these claims. The Last Line of Defense clearly states in their disclaimer that their articles should be considered satirical in nature:

The Resistance may include information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist. All articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney. Pictures that represent actual people should be considered altered and not in any way real.

Obama has been the subject of numerous political satire articles on The Last Line of Defense, including ones that claimed he made offensive “hot mic” comments on MLK Day, filed for divorce from Michelle Obama, was sued by Malia and Sasha’s “biological father” and was arrested for illegal wiretapping of Trump Tower. These claims were all fake.

Social Media Shares Fake Story about Obama Being Served Search Warrant
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A Search Warrant Was Just Served At The Obama Residence

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