Blogging Strategy That Works: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Content To Attract A New Audience

By Marko Saric

Reduce Reuse Recycle content strategy

The New York Times shut down some of their blogs.

The reason was that they “got very, very little traffic, and they required an enormous amount of resources, because a blog is an animal that is always famished.”

The visitors “expected us to be filling the artificial container of a blog” with new content frequently.

The NYT have got it wrong!

Blogging is not about feeding the hungry beast and constantly churning out new content.

Strong content ideas need time, patience, attention and nurture to shine.

They cannot coexist with the emphasis on assembly line content schedule.

You need to think differently to do great blogging. Work smarter, not harder.

The Vox story: New visitor records by republishing content

In 2015, web publisher Vox started a “refreshing the evergreen stories” experiment by rewriting and updating older articles, republishing them and promoting them in social media just like they were new posts.

In 5 days 88 of these “new” articles brought in more than 500,000 visitors combined.

Some of the articles even got more views than when they were originally published.

Vox did not get any complaints from their audience either.

Nobody noticed that these were republished stories.

People actually found the renewed articles useful.

This was a huge win and a valuable lesson learned for Vox.

Vox is not the only one being successful with this strategy.

Brian Dean gets 260% more search traffic when he relaunches his posts.

Hubspot does two to three content updates per week and gets an increase of more than 100% on average in search traffic from each update.

Search views after update

Reduce your posting frequency by focusing on timeless content

An essential tool in your blog content strategy toolbox is timeless content.

Timeless (or evergreen) content is the durable content that has a long shelf left.

It can be reused, recycled and repurposed in many ways on the different platforms and in different formats over a long period of time.

It’s content that thrills, that’s as useful, as interesting and as true in a year as it’s on the day it’s published.

It keeps working for you as it sends you traffic from search engines and from social media shares months and even years after it has been published.

Timeless vs timely content

The nature of content online means that new articles rule, while the old material is quickly forgotten.

But it’s difficult to publish a lot of new posts continuously and keep the quality high at the same time.

Better way is to publish less content but make sure it’s the timeless kind.

Reuse existing timeless content to get more mileage out of your old ideas

Don’t let your best and timeless ideas disappear into your archives never to be heard about again.

Instead of giving up on that old and long forgotten content, squeeze out more mileage out of it by breathing new life into it.

Your how-to guides, tutorials and other long-form timeless content need to be revisited Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community