Building a Propulsion System Under a Police Officer


Today we will discuss a key facet of human behaviour that can create massive amount of motivation. Using this simple idea to build a propulsion system and move people in any direction you want them to go in. And it is also Episode 3 in my rebellion against the Empire’s policy officer. No light sabres, blasters or evil Sith lords but possibly some great tips on using covert hypnotic persuasion skills. 

Episode Three – The Story So Far

Over the last couple of days we have been talking about how I ran a red light, was stopped by the police and am now in danger of getting a ticket. We looked at how I was using my persuasion state, gathering information and building responsiveness in the officer. Today you will see how I am a classic language pattern to subtly destroy the officer’s ability to deal with the situation. You can catch up with the previous lessons here:

Episode One – Developing a Relaxed Persuasive State as the foundations of being able to react: click here to read

Episode Two – Using social status as a way of building responsiveness in your subject: click here to read

A Propulsion System

People move away from pain and towards pleasure. You can use either or both to move people. As a rough rule of thumb people move away from what they don’t want faster than they move towards what they do want. And another rule that is worth observing is if you want to get people to change direction it is easier if you give them a huge obstacle to their original goal AND point them in a new direction.

Knowledge is a Great Base for Confidence

There is one thing that I know that has served me well in getting out of roadside

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