Changing Your Subject’s View on Reality


This article is covertly about how changing the frame can give people a completely different perspective, and as a result you get huge leverage in persuading them. Overtly it is just an email exchange from a customer asking a couple of questions. As you read the article though think about situations where changing the frames would make a difference for you.

From: John
Sent: 04 August 14:18
To: Rintu 
Subject: A “Redefine” Question and Job Stuff

Hi Rintu

With “The issue isn’t X it’s Y and that means…”, what happens if the person disagrees and says, “No, the issue actually is X?” How do you respond?

I have just signed up for your Job Hunting System. This is great because in the start of the New Year, I am changing jobs. Please let me know if the course covers or if you have previous data on how to deal with the following job interview topics: returning to an industry you have been out of for years, and having had many jobs. Also with regards to returning to the previous industry, how do you structure your resume? I was thinking of having a Relevant Experience section before a Current Experience section even though the usual latest-to-last job history would be offset.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

Best regards,


From: Rintu 
To: John
Sent: Monday, August 5, 5:52 AM
Subject: RE: A “Redefine” Question and Job Stuff

Hi John,

How about, “I agree you think it is about x and the issue isn’t just what you think at the moment. It is what you will think once you have the full picture so let’s put it aside for the moment whilst I give you the important elements. Then once you have the whole context we can come back to …read more

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