Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided With Discovery Of Refugees And Illegal Substances Is False

By Shawn Rice

Reports that of a scandal involving Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Foundation is fake news. False articles are alleging that a cargo ship owned by the Clinton Foundation was found to contain foreign refugees and illegal substances are fake news.

However, there is no truth to the story that the Clinton Foundation cargo ship arriving from Africa was raided and found to contain “illegal contraband” in the form of foreign refugees, narcotics, weapons, and illegal fruits. Where did this fake news originate?

Various sketchy web sites posted an article on May 11, 2017, alleging that a massive number of contraband items were discovered during a customs raid on a container ship belonging to the Clinton Foundation. You can read text from the fake story below.

A ship owned and operated by the Clinton Foundation was raided as it arrived from Africa this morning at the Port of Baltimore. The ship, which was supposed to be carrying “emergency supplies,” was actually carrying a cargo that had authorities stunned. BPA Harbormaster Jake Cummings explained to CNN:

“We received a tip that the Clinton Foundation flagship, The Chelsea, was carrying illegal contraband into the United States. We honestly didn’t know what to expect, but what we found was simply…surreal. In the middle of the ship’s large manifest of containers, most of which were empty, we found 14 containing…people. Yes, people.

They were all Refugees from places like Yemen and Syria and not a single one had any kind of documentation. We interviewed those who spoke English and were told that for $40K, anyone can catch a ride to the United States on a ship nobody would ever suspect.”

The false article further continues with a list of more illegal items allegedly discovered aboard “the Chelsea”.

Two other containers were also found to contain multiple crates of contraband, including illegal fruits that could potentially carry foreign insects and foodborne illnesses, weapons without serial numbers on them and no less than 30 pounds of marijuana. Several of the refugees were also found to be in possession of black tar heroin, an addictive, smokable form of the drug.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided, Dozens Of Suspected Islamic Terrorists Found Hidden Inside

— Oriental Times (@OrientalTimes) May 12, 2017

@ChelseaClinton care to comment?

— Cindy[REDACTED] (@Bunky7777) May 12, 2017

Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided at Port of Baltimore Reveals**the clintons like Obama are career criminals-involved in numerous crimes


However, there is no truth to the above story, according to Snopes. For example, no raid was reported on by any legitimate news source. CNN, specifically, did not run an interview with the Port of Baltimore harbor master in connection with this or any similar raid.

There is also no evidence that the Clinton Foundation owns or operates any kind of cargo ship called “the Chelsea.” In addition, the article originated on a web Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community