Common Pitching Mistakes and Simple Fixes

By Beth Adan

Are your pitches falling on deaf ears? Read this article for advice.

How successful have your media pitching efforts been? Have you landed high-quality media coverage from sending emails to reporters? If you haven’t been seeing success, there may be some easy fixes to help you land your next placement. Read on for some advice on honing your pitching strategy.

Common Pitching Mistakes You Might Be Making

The Mistake: Not Pitching the Right Person

The Fix: Research the Publication to Find the Best Fit

If your pitches are being sent to the spam folder, you may not be contacting the right person at the media outlet. Many pitches reach Editors or Assignment Editors who may not be the one writing the story. You can dramatically raise the odds of gaining coverage by getting the “right” journalist interested.

It’s important to remember to visit the publication, read some of their most recent articles and do your research in order to approach the correct person. For example, while you may be conversing with a radio show Host on air during an interview, you will be corresponding with the Producer when you make your pitch. Often, you should approach a Staff Writer instead of an Editor in Chief, as they are most likely to be seeking new story ideas. Take the time to determine the most appropriate contact at each media outlet and address your pitch to them.

The Mistake: Your Pitch is Too Generic

The Fix: Find a Newsworthy Story Angle and Cater the Pitch

How well-crafted is your pitch?

Generic pitches are likely to be ignored; would you write a story without having a solid angle or relevant details? Carefully tailored pitches are more likely to incite a response from a journalist, so make sure to identify the key points and share a story, not a product or promotion. Once you’ve identified a story angle that’s a good fit for the reporter, you should repeat the process for each media outlet you contact.

The Mistake: Your Pitch Isn’t Personalized

The Fix: Double, Triple, Quadruple Check Names and Spellings

How would you feel if you opened an email and your name was spelled incorrectly? What if it was addressed to someone else? You’d probably delete it. Avoid having this happen to your message by remembering to personalize it; lead with the reporter’s name (spelled correctly!) and do not address the pitch to a generic news desk. This will show the influencer you’ve been researching them and took time to make your message personal.

The Mistake: Your Pitch is Off-Topic

The Fix: Find a Newsworthy Story Angle and Cater the Pitch

When pitching all sectors of the media, you should make sure your pitch subject line and introductory paragraph is compelling and draws the reporter in. Identify the most newsworthy portion of your story and lead with that; you want to make your pitch as clear and powerful as possible. Doing your research by reading articles written by your chosen contact is a good way to make sure your communication is relevant.

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