Confidence and Why You Don’t Need It

This article is just a short video that looks at confidence. It covers some basic ideas around confidence and why you don’t need to have confidence to get things done. You will have noticed I have not put any articles out this week. This is because I have been tucked away recording a couple of courses. The first is one about confidence that has some interesting spins on what confidence is. Being the Super Hero A lot seems to be said about screwing yourself up into a froth of energy, excitement and confidence as a method of blasting through the things you are not confident about. I’m not convinced that this sort of thing is useful, practical or sustainable in the long run. Take this the right way, having energy, excitement, motivation and all these sorts of things can be useful. I just don’t think confidence exists as a feeling or that you need it. Confidence Boosting In my latest course I explain how you can boost your confidence by dropping the concept altogether and just focusing on what really matters. Here is the intro that explains the core of the idea to set you up to do away with …read more

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