Conflict Resolution with NLP Techniques, Fruit and a Smile

The last few articles we have been leading up to this point. In this article you will learn the mechanics to simply get people to respond and follow your lead. You will see my great friend Marcus Oakey demonstrate frame control with complete strangers armed only with a smile and a banana.

What Has Gone Before

This series of articles started out with my quest for a bacon roll and ended with me almost accidentally turning a shop assistant in to a walking hypnotic automaton.

In short I went in to a bakers to get a bacon roll. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances both the shop assistant and I were thrown in to a trance. Recovering from the experience first I decided to see where I could take the girl. So I started to deepen the trance she was in and we eventually hit the depths of depravity with me stealing the bacon rolls.

In case you missed any of them here are the links to the previous articles:

Article One – Stealing Bacon Rolls – Where you discover how people accidentally take each other in to trance by interrupting their patterns

Article Two – Confusion over sausages – Where you discover how frames of reference can be set up to lead people in a direction

An Interlude – Turning Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie – An interlude where you discover how I accidentally used the tools we have been discussing to be offered a job

Article Three – Turning Shop Assistants in to Hypnotic Automatons – Where you discover language is a filter and that you can guide people’s thoughts by grabbing their frames of reference

Pace and Lead – The New Rapport

My idea of rapport is about a heightened state of responsiveness. The whole

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