Designing Your Website Flow To Meet Your Conversion Needs


The four different media tools for communicating with your customer on the web are text, graphics, moving images and sound – that’s it.

Those are the only tools you have to explain concepts, convey emotions, and create an “experience” online.

Take a step back & you see that what “converts best”, is really just how these elements are designed and combined to get a user into a “flow” state, where each click comes more naturally than the next.

A good flow is like interactive storytelling & keeps your visitor consuming your site. If you’re telling a good story, that makes a hell of a difference when increasing your conversions.

What Traditional Marketing Teaches Us About Creating Good Flow

In marketing theory the AIDA framework outlines the different stages a customer will go through before making a purchasing decision.

Using this framework, you can tailor creative speak directly to each stage of the decision making process.

These principles should not be set aside when designing a website.

The four elements represent equally important but wholly …read more

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