Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ to Make Its Debut in 2019, Social Media Reacts

By Erica Abbott


The cold never bothered Disney fans anyway.

Disney’s sequel to 2013’s mega-hit “Frozen” finally has a release date of November 27, 2019, and the internet can’t hold back their excitement anymore. Kristen Bell, who played Anna in the original film, reacted to the news by sharing a weather report on Twitter: “Quick weather forecast from your favorite disney princess’ sister: Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019! Woo Hoo!!!!” In addition to “Frozen 2,” Disney and Pixar will also be releasing several other sequels, remakes and animated classics.

Frozen 2 is coming to theaters November 27, 2019! pic.twitter.com/iW4JR2RSfm

— Disney Animation (@DisneyAnimation) April 25, 2017

The original movie starred Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana and Alan Tudyk. It tells the story of Anna, who teams up with Kristoff (Groff) and lovable snowman Olaf (Gad) to save the kingdom of Arendelle from an eternal winter set off by her sister, Queen Elsa (Menzel). The film grossed more than $400 million in the U.S. and more than $1.2 billion worldwide.

Last year, Menzel said “Frozen 2” should include a female love partner for Elsa when responding to an online petition calling for the snow queen to have a love interest in the sequel. The trending #GiveElsaAGirlfriend social media campaign called for Disney to feature a same-sex couple in the upcoming film. However, not everyone agreed with the campaign and some thought Elsa should just remain single. Disney has made major strides in recent years by including their first gay character in the 2017 remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”

The release of “Frozen 2” will be preceded by the spring 2018 debut of Broadway’s “Frozen” musical, which will star Caissie Levy and Patti Murin in the lead roles, Greg Hildreth as Olaf, John Riddle as Hans and Jelani Alladin as Kristoff. Other Disney musicals that are currently on Broadway include “Aladdin” and “The Lion King.”

Other films that are set to be released in the next few years include “Star Wars: Episode IX,” “Gigantic,” “A Wrinkle in Time” and “The Lion King,” a live-action remake of the 1994 animated classic. Plot details of “Frozen 2” are not yet known.

See how social media reacted to the release dates of “Frozen 2” and other Disney films below:

Social Media Reacts to “Frozen 2” Release Date, 2019 Lineup

@DisneyAnimation @Disney Let’s gooooooooo! pic.twitter.com/H6i6JN4dQ5

— Roger DiLuigi III (@RogersBase) April 25, 2017

Star Wars 9, Frozen 2, and The Lion King all out in the same year is Disney gone mad with power

— Ray (@GarfOfTheGalaxy) April 25, 2017

In 2019, Disney has an incredible slate of films:


Wow. pic.twitter.com/wysa720vQX

— John Cohen (@JohnCohen1) April 25, 2017

Frozen 2 has been released and I’m so excited #disneyfan

— Emily Kubiak (@emilykubiak1) April 25, 2017

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