Et Tu, Pikachu? Pokemon Go Part of Russia Election Mess

Not even Pokmon Go was safe from Russian interference during the election.

The blockbuster mobile game was used as a propaganda tool by Russian groups that were active on other social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, according to a new CNN report.

Here’s how the augmented reality children’s game got dragged into U.S. politics and how it was connected to the rest of the misinformation on social media: A group called “Don’t Shoot Us” was started to promote racial justice issues such as standing against police brutality. The group established a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tumblr, where it encouraged people to join a Pokmon Go contest. The contest invited people to visit sites of police shootings, train the digital Pokmon creatures at those spots, and name their pet creatures in the augmented world after real-world victims of police.

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