Evaluation Criteria For Selecting a Messaging Solution For Your Customer Care Organization

By Dani Wanderer

Evaluation Criteria

Messaging is the next disruptive technology for the contact center. Consumers are demanding the ability to communicate via messaging with brands and businesses. The interest, preference, usage, and demand for consumer-to-business messaging is evident, with the majority of U.S. consumers preferring texting over the current methods of reaching customer support.

Messaging is already pervasive in our daily lives and for the first time, consumers are the ones driving companies to implement a new support channel. Consumers now expect to be able to initiate a two-way, one-to-one conversation with the companies and brands they use. The research shows that companies which don’t offer messaging to their consumers will be passed up by their competition. The good news is that it’s not hard to give consumers what they want.

While it is fairly straightforward to decide to proceed with messaging in your contact center, it is worth taking a little time to assess your organization’s specific requirements as you evaluate messaging vendors.

What Are You Trying To Accomplish: Define Your Objectives

This is a pretty obvious first step, but it is not uncommon that companies come to us without knowing exactly what to expect from adding Messaging as a new channel. Because messaging is new, we understand the lack of clear objectives. However, it is still a good idea to establish a couple goals upfront, even if you modify them later.

Here are a few possible points for consideration:

  • Review the demographics of the customers you currently serve and their likelihood to message you from their mobile device.
  • Is the messaging technology you want primarily for inbound (customers coming to you for help) or outbound (your company promoting or communicating to customers) communications? Or, do you want to be able to handle both? Messaging vendors typically specialize in either inbound or outbound.The holy grail is a solution that handles inbound, customer-initiated inquiries, as well as company-to-consumer communications where the consumer can respond.
  • Do you have a focus on increasing overall customer satisfaction? Are there particular call drivers for which CSAT is low today? Messaging could help, as it has been found to have the highest satisfaction levels of all channels.
  • Is identifying cost savings opportunities a company mandate this year? Offloading 20% or more phone calls to messaging would be a good alternative.
  • Are you an innovator striving to set your contact center or customer service organization apart from the competition? Be the first to lead the pack and acquire new customers.
  • Is connecting with consumers a priority? Messaging makes your brand more accessible to consumers.
  • Will your company be announcing a new product targeted at a highly mobile demographic? Messaging is their number one preferred way to communicate with brands.
  • Are you pursuing an omni-channel support strategy and messaging is an integral part of that?

A general understanding of the purpose and reasoning for adding a new channel will help ensure that you are selecting a vendor best suited to your particular needs.

Which Vendor Fits Best: Evaluating Vendor Capabilities

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