Everything that is Wrong with NLP Rapport Techniques


This article is based round a short video I saw today that put me in mind of some teen pranks I used to pull that would instantly lead people in a direction. They work effectively well and are totally outside the standard NLP Model of Rapport.

Pace and Lead, the Traditional Approach

The usual NLP approach to rapport is to match, mirror and pace your “client” and then lead them to new behaviour or wherever it is you want them to go. Whilst I can see that working some of the time, if you want to lead people then surely a simpler approach would be to just lead them?

Here is a video I saw this morning. As you watch the video ask yourself why the shopper follows the guy.

Pattern Interrupts

I suspect what has happened is that the shopper has had his thoughts interrupted by something that is completely outside his normal experience. He is not given a direct instruction to run or to follow but given what is said it is a logical course of action.

So the process is to interrupt the current pattern and replace it with a more suggestible one, or at least one that is moving the …read more

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