Fail-Proof Q&A Prep


Including an opportunity for Q&A during your presentation is a great way to engage your audience and gather immediate feedback. But don’t think you can just wing it; being unprepared can erase the memory of your fantastic presentation and leave your audience scratching their head trying to decipher your answer. Make Q&A prep part of your ritual when preparing to speak to ensure your presentation ends on a high note.

Have a plan: decide when and how you want to field questions. Think about where Q&A will fit well in the context of your presentation, and tee this up for your audience. If you would like them to hold all questions until the end, state that up front so you won’t have to address it again. Pausing for questions after covering a specific topic is another good approach – especially if your presentation is longer than 45 minutes. It can be a welcome change in format, and engage your audience in a new way.

Answer questions proactively: when planning your presentation, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and brainstorm every potential question they might ask. Think specifically about where they may resist what you are sharing, and jot down questions …read more

Article Curated From…: Nancy Duarte